Vipin Gaur is one of those photographers, who captures multiple; yet minute elements in a single frame. The most brilliant aspect of his photography is the style and spirit, which is vivid and vibrant. The way he captures colours and his sense of contrast and moment-of-capture is wonderful. His photographs reflect the elements of nature, as well as the expressions. His photographs have a soul and evoke positive emotions perfectly. The photographs have a mesmerizing effect on the viewers and leave a wisp of thought and the image sets in the memory. His pictures speak, and bring out the emotions, expressions and characters quite wonderfully. His choice of angle backdrop also makes the whole experience dreamlike, yet very real and colourful. Vipin Gaur likes to take care of every little thing before, during and after the shoot! It’s not just about his frames, it’s about the experience. The way he prepares for a shoot, his understanding of the theme and concept his selection of backdrops and lights; he makes sure the final result is nothing less than perfect! I have seen him evolve as a photographer. It is rare to find a serious learner in a field which is all about casual attitude. With strong work ethics and a focused approach, I can assure Vipin is headed for the right direction